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4 things I love in October


Days come and go and before we know it, it’s October! October, where days are getting shorter, temparature is dropping and leaves are falling. But there is so much more to October. Find out 4 things I love in October. Every month I will share the things I like about that month, starting with this beautiful month.


Nature is beautiful in fall! Leaves are turning fifty shades of brown and we can harvest what nature grew us during summer. Go on a chestnut or other nuts-collecting quest and create your own organic healthy meal. And when you do that, take off your shoes. My shoes?! Why??

Well, to feel healthy, we need to stay in close contact with mother earth. This comes naturally during summer when we swim in the sea and play in the park wearing no shoes. But then, when in fall the temperatures drop, we spend most of our day inside and whenever we are outside, we wrap our feet in warm shoes. But we need to ground! For many reasons, like for boosting our immune system, for reducing inflammation & stress and to sleep better. Check this video, for a quick explanation.


I like to infuse my yoga practice with grounding poses like forward folds and slow breathing exercises to calm my mind and body in a season where we can all get a bit down and anxious at times due to a lack of sunlight.

3. OctoberFAST.intermittent-fasting

I’m not talking about lederhosen and speedy beer drinking but about nurturing and detoxing your body.


It does not mean starving yourself. No: there are several ways to fast. I recommend intermittent fasting, where you eat within a smaller timeframe and leave your body to cleanse and digest during the rest of the day. Intermittent fasting helps you to train your body to reduce fat. Nice idea, with the holiday season around the corner, right?



When you get home after your barefoot walk and you are allowed to eat (according to the fasting scheme :)), it’s time to warm up! So preheat the oven and bake some delicious muffins featuring fall’s main ingredient: Pumpkin. I couldn’t choose, so here a list with – ow yeah! – glutenfree and sugarfree recipes! These muffins go very well with home made chai tea, full of “warming” spices like cinnamon and ginger. Yummy!

Milkfree Chai Tea Latte
– brew black tea
– add cinnamon, ground clove, ground ginger, ground kardemom to taste
– add almond milk and some stevia for extra sweetness


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