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Workshop backbends

Backbend workshop Sandra Botman

How is your posture when reading this text? Many of us spend most of our days in a forward bend, with a round spine and collapsing shoulders. This inhibits a healthy breathing pattern and could lead to back problems. But our backs are designed to move in all directions!

In this backbend workshop we will bring the movement and flexibility back, which will result in a healthy back and a better energy flow.

The goal is a healthy back, so no (extra) back pain 😉 That’s why there is a lot of attention going to the technique of moving towards the final backbend. This will also help you prevent lower back pain in poses like cobra.

The advantages of backbends:

  • Improvement of your posture
  • Shoulders and chest open, leading to less stress and breathing-related issues
  • More energy
  • A stronger back
  • Less back problems

When: Sunday December 20th 2015 13:00 – 15:00
Where: Dziga, Waalbandijk 20 -14M
Price: 25 euros (combine with the handstand workshop and pay only 40 euros for both workshops)
To sign up: send an email to


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